”This lens is soft” and other FACTS av Roger Cicala

En intressant artikel av Roger Cicala, Lensrentals.com

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”It is a bad time to be a pixel-peeper. If you look closely enough on a high resolution full-frame camera, chances are you’ll find some minor flaw with every lens you own. If you go through 13 copies and get one that’s just perfect, remember to never, ever upgrade your camera body, because it probably won’t be perfect on the next one. That’s just how it is: manufacturing processes are not up to the lens design and sensor resolution we have at the moment. Put on your Batman undies and cope with it. Or shoot with a Holga for a while and get over it. And stop looking at 100% images on your monitor: not only will it make you go blind, 50% screen resolution is more resolution than your printer can reproduce anyway. Unless you print billboards designed to be viewed from 5 feet away.”


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